Drug overdose is a serious problem that many people suffer from today. Such could cost them their lives and as the number of people overdosing drugs is increasing, help is needed. Now, there is an overdose-reversing drug that will be available in Montgomery County businesses. This will be a great help to a lot of people as help is now within their reach.

Early in the fight against opioids, Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck says law enforcement made an important discovery. “The addiction is so strong that someone would go purchase the drug and they wanted to use it quickly. They didn’t want to take all the time to drive back to wherever they came from, so they were stopping by local businesses,” Streck said.”

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“That’s where we go. We go to those gas stations, we go to those restaurants, to those fast food joints. That’s what we look for, for that bathroom or that booth,” Harris said.

Her routine as an addict had become normal. She was living in Middletown but came to Dayton regularly for drugs. One day, she shot up in a gas station bathroom with a friend and something different happened.

She was overdosing.

“I remember her looking at me and saying ‘Are you Ok?’ and I couldn’t say anything. All I could do is shake my head,” Harris said.

Suddenly, her life was hanging in the balance.

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