Drug addiction is an acknowledged serious problem. It is serious in the sense that it can cost the lives of many people. As a result of this, there have been so many drug addiction services available to help those who are addicted to drugs. But the sad part is, they are now struggling to cope with the rising demand and are at risk of closure due to a lack of funding, service operators have said.

Speaking at a gathering organised by Citywide, a drug crisis campaign which called on more urgent Government action to tackle substance misuse, workers from drug services all over the country said the prevalence of illegal substances has now reached unprecedented levels.

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Susan Collins, managing director of Addiction Response Crumlin, said that the availability and accessibility of substances have changed with the advent of technology.

“The increase in crack cocaine is visible in most pubs and the dealing that is going on, you’re able to see it. There are young people who are being groomed to sell drugs,” she said. “Although it was quick to get drugs a few years ago, nowadays it’s on your doorstep before you even get down to the shops.”

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