So many lives have been lost because of addiction. This does not only refer to the use and abuse of drugs but even of alcohol and other forms of addiction. It is so sad that those lives could have been saved if their addiction was attended to immediately or if they had asked for help. When it comes to addiction, awareness plays an important role.

Winnipeg woman wants to raise awarenessHere is a woman from Winnipeg who is raising awareness after finding the grave of her mom. In 2018, Virginia Cook discovered where her mother was buried, 55 years after she passed away. Now, she wants to spread awareness on what she went through to help others going through a similar situation. “When I found my mom’s grave I wanted to do something because there was no grave, nothing. Just a marker to ID her,” says Cook. Cook’s family is originally from Shoal Lake #39.

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She explains both of her parents were residential school survivors, an experience she felt they never fully recovered from.

“They had alcohol addiction. We did have a house in Shoal Lake, Ontario, but we didn’t stay there because they wanted to be close to alcohol, which is in Kenora, Ontario.”

Cook says she was 11 years old when her and her two younger sisters were first taken by children’s aide – which is known today as CFS.

She remembers returning home twice, but ended up in children’s aide for good by age 13, in 1961.

This was the last year she saw or spoke to her mother.

“I was heartbroken and grieving because I’m not with my parents, you know. I want to be with my parents, but I can’t.”

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