Different types of drugs are becoming popular today. However, this popularity is not a good thing. Instead, this can be a threat to the lives of the people. This could mean that more lives will be put in danger and perhaps, the number of drug-addicted people will be on the rise once again. This would call for more addiction treatment centers to help these people.

Cocaine is on the rise in Europe, EU drug agency saysThe European Union agency that monitors illicit drug use says cocaine is becoming more widely available on the continent. The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction said in a report on Thursday that social media, the darknet and encryption are helping small gangs and individuals to sell drugs undetected.

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The agency says authorities have identified “cocaine call centers” which use couriers providing quick and adaptable delivery networks.

The Lisbon-based agency says authorities are fighting back, with the amount of cocaine seized in Europe setting records. In 2017, the latest with full-year data available, authorities seized more than 140 metric tons of cocaine. That was almost double the quantity seized the previous year.

Despite the growth of cocaine, cannabis remains the most widely used illicit drug in Europe.

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