Anyone can be an addict. At times we can immediately determine if one is under drugs or not. In some cases, without our knowledge that someone close to us- friends or acquaintance, or even our child can be on drugs. When children are involved, it can be very alarming and parents should know about it before it’s too late.

Would you recognize the signs of drug addiction in your childBut if you are a parent, how would you know if your child is using drugs, or worse, addicted to it? A seminar happening Monday night in Huntsville is promising to give parents information they need to get their children to help if they become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Phil Plant, a recovery and intervention specialist based in Nashville, is hosting an event called Pushing Past Parental Paralysis.

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“It is really hard to really admit, to say, ‘my child is using drugs’. You want it to be anything else. So parent paralysis is a parent’s inability to help a child, they don’t know what to do, so they’re stuck and they don’t do anything which can lead to enabling which can really make the disease prolonged.”

Plant named off the usual signs parents need to be aware of, but warns, if a parent is in denial, it may be hard to start getting them help. “It’s important to recognize that addiction is a family disease. It’s not just the addict that is struggling. It affects every family member. Self care, with the family, and not just a focus on the person who’s addicted.”

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