Drugs are everywhere. This also means that everyone talks about it and anyone can be involved in it. Whoever you are and regardless of your status in the society, you can be a victim of drugs or if not, you might be using them. Drugs can be in any setting, even in politics. Here are two rival politicians who are accusing each other of using drugs.

Two rival politicians accused each other of using drugsIt’s been described as a “political pissing contest” — literally. Two feuding politicians in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s largest city, spent much of the past week accusing each other of being on mind-altering substances after getting into an ugly fight in the comments section of a local political blog. Naturally, they could only settle their dispute one way: by challenging each other to a public drug test.

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Calling it a “modern twist on the classic political duel,” the Connecticut Post reported on Monday that Bridgeport City Councilman Ernest Newton and Board of Education member Maria Pereira had both handed over plastic cups of urine and passed their respective tests.

As it turns out, they’re not the first ones to go through the humiliating ritual. Both front-runners in Ukraine’s presidential election submitted to live-streamed drug tests earlier this month, and the state of Georgia once made screenings mandatory for candidates running for state office.

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