The availability of drug addiction treatment centers and the many initiatives led by the government and different organizations have helped many people who are abusing drugs. Although the problem with drugs still exist and the number of users is increasing, if there is one good thing about, it’s the fact that there are many of them who are also trying their best to quit and live a new life. Many of these recovery addicts also share their stories to inspire others.

Recovering addictAt 27, “Hope” found herself serving three years in prison after a stint of abusing prescription drugs and later addiction to heroin. She said she started abusing drugs because of the trauma she experienced as a teenager. Unsure about how to cope, she turned to drugs. “I wasn’t addicted to the drug. I was addicted to the numbing,” she said. “I wasn’t using to feel something. I was using to not feel.”

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The Madison County resident grew up in what she described as a “very loving, Christian home.” She attended a Christian academy and went to college. At 16, she was raped and Hope said she didn’t know how to handle the shame she felt. She said her lack of self-worth led her to stay in a mentally abusive relationship, which created more trauma. She said getting “mixed in with the wrong crowd” also contributed to her abuse of drugs.

Following a car accident, Hope began abusing prescription pills. Two years later, she transitioned into using heroin. While Hope stopped using drugs while she was pregnant, she said her inability to cope with pain led her back to using drugs.

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