When it comes to the problems that the world is facing right now, one thing is for sure, the drug problem is not going to end sometime soon. This is because it has become so serious that fighting or putting an end to it will not come easy. This is a reality that everyone should acknowledge, yet it should not discourage them from taking steps to solve the problem and save lives. We just have to acknowledge the problem so we can come up with solutions on how to solve it.

drug problemCommunities are being blighted by “misery and harm” caused by drug dealers despite a major sting in north Wales, says former police chief. Clive Wolfendale, who now leads a drugs charity, was speaking after a gang boss was jailed for 10 years last Friday. Aled Gray, 35, was the last among 27 people sentenced after North Wales Police targeted two gangs working in a multi-million pound “consortium”.

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CPS Wales said the operation was a “big step” forward but the fight continued.

Mr Wolfendale, chief executive of CAIS Drug and Alcohol Counselling, said there were no “easy or quick solutions”.

“It is imperative that those who trade in the misery of drug addiction are brought to justice, with the full force of the law,” he said.

“They should be made to pay by all means possible. However, individuals and communities in north Wales continue to be blighted.”

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