Losing a loved one is painful enough. But it is more painful if you can’t get justice for them. When you lose someone to drugs, how would you be able to get justice? Especially if it was their own choice that led them to addiction? Losing a precious life just one thing that drugs can do. Before it leads to death, it can make a person suffer in different ways. No other people would even know such pain than the mothers of those who lost their lives to drugs.

They lost sons to addictionTwo mothers who lost their sons to addiction is now pushing for needle exchange to go beyond Miami. Two mothers, who both lost sons to a drug overdose on the streets of Miami, now fight to save other families from the very same heartache. Cindy Dodds and Joy Fishman are both advocates working to expand Florida’s needle exchange program.

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Seven colorful painted bricks lie at the base of an oak tree next to a cracked sidewalk and empty lot in Overtown, a tree adorned with a white cross in memory of a man claimed by addiction there 2 1/2 years ago. The monument is weathered, three of its bricks fractured. They bear the man’s name: Kyle Dodds.

In 2016, the 24-year-old was on his way to work when he stopped to buy drugs near the oak tree. He snorted the drugs on the spot and died before he even made it back to his car, killed by a lethal mix of heroin and synthetic opioids.

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