It’s a known fact that exercise greatly contributes to our health. In fact, it is highly recommended that aside from eating healthy, we all need to exercise to have a balanced and healthy life. But aside from this, it is so amazing that it can also help those who are suffering from addiction. Here is a man who can attest that exercise, specifically running has helped him reach “clean Sundays”.

reach my clean SundaysRonnie, from Glasgow, is a former addict who has used running as a tool to help him towards recovery. Similarly, Iain Murphy has found inspiration through running to help him in his battle with alcohol. Both men feel the challenge and peace of mind they have gained from exercise has helped them turn their lives around.

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Ronnie is a recovering drug addict who runs regularly because it makes him feel “alive”.

At three weeks clean he started running while attending a Glasgow rehab centre and from struggling to run one mile within six months he was running 13.

“I ran the Great Scottish Run half marathon and my time was 1:46:50,” he says.

“I was buzzing, a natural high, I did not know you could feel like that without drugs.”

The natural high of running was different to the one he had been seeking since he was 11 years old.

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