Fentanyl is one of the most common drugs today that is affecting the lives of so many people. In most cases, people suffer from overdose of this drug and this leads to death if not other deadly conditions. This situation calls for a lot of help to prevent people from overdosing the drug or getting addicted to it. Now, there is a fentanyl test strip that can help drug users detect early doses.

help drug usersHealth care advocates want to put a cheap drug test in the hands of users to combat soaring rates of overdose deaths from the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl, which is contaminating nearly every illegal drug on the street. Originally intended to detect fentanyl presence in urine, tiny cardboard strips that cost about $1 are just as effective in detecting the synthetic opioid in drugs themselves, researchers have found.

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The point is that it allows people to make choices, to have a little more information,” said Susan Sherman, a professor in the department of health, behavior and society at Johns Hopkins University.

Ms. Sherman is the lead researcher of the Forecast study, which shows that the strips are sensitive enough to detect fentanyl in drugs. The study also has found that users are interested in testing the drugs.

“It’s not a small thing that people who are drug users feel a sense of autonomy, and it gives them a choice,” she said.

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