So many people are getting addicted to drugs today. Many of them even lost their lives, destroyed their future, and failed their families. In spite of this, many are still struggling in trying to beat their addiction and start a new life. Although many have failed to do so, there are those who have been successful and were able to change for the better. Just like this man who was able to beat his addiction on his way to law school.

drug addiction and the futureIn August 2010, John Nucci was arrested for allegedly stealing a gift card at a party in Greece to get money to buy OxyContin pills. He was sent to the Monroe County Jail. Nucci couldn’t make the $10,000 bail, so he would end up spending 2½ months in jail. Inside his cell, Nucci sat on the edge of the concrete bed and looked at himself in the aluminum mirror. His dull reflection stared back. He was 22 years old. He weighed 330 pounds. His remaining friends were living their lives — graduating college, getting married, buying houses, starting families.

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Since that day, the 31-year-old Nucci said he has done everything he can to turn his life around. Now, roughly eight years after sitting in that jail cell, he has his sights set on attending law school so he can help people facing the same kinds of struggles he did.

“The actual reason for me wanting to pursue law school had also now become my biggest obstacle in actually going,” Nucci said of his conviction for attempted second-degree burglary, which he shares in the personal statement required of every applicant.

“I want people to see. I want schools to see how far I’ve come and I want them to know everything.”

Nucci put family and friends through an ordeal that left the ones he loved the most wondering whether he’d live to tell his story.

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