A destroyed life has become so common as a result of drug addiction. This is such a sad reality and in spite of this, still, so many people choose to use drugs. Of course, there could be so many reasons why one would decide to use drugs, but it all boils down to one thing- destruction. Drugs can destroy the person in all aspects. Now, another victim has come to the picture.

serious drug addiction issuesDr. Olakunle Churchill, ex-husband of Nollywood performing artist, Tonto Dikeh has hit back at her over the most recent unmerited attacks. Olakunle Churchill in a selective meeting with newsmen asserted the on-screen character is on medications and perhaps it is step by step transforming her into a mad individual.

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According to, dailyadvent.com, Tonto had described her ex-husband and father of her son as a fraudster ‘yahoo boy’. But the man told this portal that she is on a desperate course to ruin his reputation with unprovoked attacks suspecting she may have gone made as a result of the addiction to drugs though will not name which specific drug it was.

“She wants to ruin me by force. She has called me several names to ruin my personality; ritualist rug dealer, fraudster, gay , murderer , she is pained and she is finding it very hard to move on , she is on drugs. Insulting my mum lying up and down…she can’t get over me and she is mad. She started from domestic violence but when I showed prove that she was the violent one she kept changing from one allegation to another”, he revealed.

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