Regardless of how things seem to be with drug addiction, the good news is the fact that addicts always have a choice to make. This means that they can do the right thing or end what is wrong and do what is right. Help is available in different ways. What is needed is for them to realize this and be willing to change for the better.

Springfield recovery programIf you are an addict, perhaps getting into a recovery program might be one of the best decisions you will ever have to make. You will not only be saving your life but even that of people around you. At the same time, changing and recovering means more hope and chances for you to live better and happier.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. While researching methamphetamine abuse in Springfield we met a man who spent nearly half of his life on drugs.

James Haines decided to get clean a few months ago.

He wants to share his story to let others know that there are people in our community who are willing to help addicts like him. Haines believes that if his life can change that there is hope for others.

“Seventeen is when I started using methamphetamine,” he says.

At the height of his addiction, Haines says he was grossly underweight. His face looked sunken in.

“When you’re addicted you don’t realize what the worst part is until there’s that one sobering moment where you realize you’re walking the street in the rain and you have no place to go and you haven’t showered for days you’re hungry,” he explains.

He’s lived this way since he was a teen. One day he decided he had enough.

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