So many good things can get wasted just because of drug addiction. For one, it can destroy families and relationships. It is not the first time to hear a story about a father or a mother who put the lives of their children at risk as a result of drug abuse or one who was not able to fulfill the needed duties of a parent because if addiction to drugs.

drug addiction ruined relationshipJust like with Magnus Hedman who has turned out to be a bad father to his son because of drugs. Things can like this simply always ends up on regret as there are some actions that can never be fixed anymore. This is why addiction treatment centers play an important role in different countries because it can save a lot of “fathers” from turning to a bad one because of drug use. It can also help those who have been bad but are willing to change for the better.

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The former Celtic keeper had previously revealed that he would spend vast sums of money on amphetamines.

He recently appeared on a Swedish TV show where he admitted to being a bad father to his son, Lancelot, who presented the show.

Hedman, 45, said: “I have had several difficult periods. When I retired from football I felt very bad as a human being.

“Then I began abusing drugs. It went on for four years, there was a lot about me in the media, and it was hard for Lancelot.

“Part of his tough teenage period came from me. It made him grow up early, taking extra responsibility.

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