In spite of all the bad stories and news that we encounter every day about drug addiction, it still feels good that there are inspiring stories that come out of it. There are still those who took the courage to change and live a better life, even lead as an example to others that as long you want something with all your heart, there will always be a way to it.

drug addiction to professional property investmentJust like with what happened with Leroy Slava who was once a drug addict but is now professional property investor. He is a professional property investor who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps from drug addiction to become a key player in the property market. Slava started doing drugs while in Grade 10 and this abuse escalated when he completed schooling, leading him to drop out from Wits Tech (now University of Johannesburg).

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Addicted to ecstasy, acid, cocaine and cat, he has turned his life around against all odds. Slava recalls that he went to rehab, but that didn’t work for him. “From Wits Tech, I went to Damelin and dropp edout again. For a few years, it got worse with drug addiction – it was only when I was 25 when I realised that it was actually becoming a big problem,” he says.

He recalls that his turn-around began when he went to church prayed and sought a purpose for his life. With his passion for property, Slava has been successfully investing in the South African market for a number of years.

His property journey started at the age of 26, when he sold a property he inherited and purchased a townhouse.

“The guy that sold me the townhouse bought it on auction. He purchased a distressed house, refurbished it and sold it to me at a profit,” he says.

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