Getting into drugs is so easy, but the real challenge happens when you realize that you have let yourself fall into the trap. There have been so many unsuccessful attempts to try to quit drugs which really discouraged so many people. There can be so many reasons for this. Those who are into drugs think that the substance is their best resort in life as they face many challenges. Without them knowing it, it is also the substance that makes everything worse for them.

never too late to beat drug addictionIn Crosswinds Center in Greebier County, they believe that there is no such thing as too late to quit when it comes to drug addiction. The addiction treatment facility is really trying their best to help their patients become clean and free again so they can start a new life. With such, more people will be encouraged to quit as they see that help is available for them.

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“Every day holds a possibility of a miracle.”

This is a quote hanging above a full-size bed in a private, inpatient detox room for those struggling with drug addiction at the Crosswinds Center in Greenbrier County.

Carol Banchinger of Lewisburg was a patient at the Crosswinds Center two years ago.

After getting into trouble with the law, Banchinger, 27 years old at the time, had to choose rehabilitation or jail.

She chose the Crosswinds Center, a five- to 15-day inpatient drug treatment facility and crisis stabilization center just outside of Lewisburg in the small town of Maxwelton.

“I was on Suboxone at the time and really any opioid I could get a hold of,” Banchinger recalled.

Upon checking into the detox center, like any patient, Banchinger was required to meet with a nurse and intake counselor. Each patient is then given a T-shirt and pants to wear, and their personal clothing is washed and inspected.

Cleaning each patient’s clothing is to ensure cleanliness at the facility, but also to inspect the clothing for hidden drugs.

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