Drug overdose is a common problem in today’s time. It has already affected so many people, even the families of those who are using it. But the worse thing is, so many lives have been lost because of it. In spite of strict regulations, still, there are so many people who get access to drugs which lead them to abuse or overdose from it. But today, students in the University of South Carolina can now buy a so-called life-saving drug on their campus that can help them reverse the effects of opioid overdose.

drug that reverses overdosesThis drug is known as naloxone and is sold under the name Narcan. With this drug, drug overdose can have a solution which would mean saving so many lives. It is very important that solutions are made to save these people, along with the help of different addiction treatment centers that can provide a tailored treatment for the affected individuals.

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University of South Carolina students can now buy a “lifesaving” drug on campus that can help reverse the effects of opioid overdose, the university announced Friday.

The drug, naloxone — sold under the brand name Narcan — will be available to all students without a prescription at the Center for Health and Well-Being pharmacy, the university said in a tweet.

Price of the drug varies depending on a student’s insurance coverage, but without insurance it would cost about $125, USC spokesman Jeff Stensland said in a text message. The university is applying for a grant that would make the drug free to students, Stensland said.

“As you know, there is much concern nationally about the opioid crisis,” Stensland said. “Although opioid overdose is not widespread at USC, we wanted to be proactive, because no community is immune.

“Currently all law enforcement and health services staff have access to Narcan and are trained in administering it,” Stensland said…

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