There are different kinds of drugs available in today’s time but of course, all of them have detrimental effects. One of the most popular drugs that many people use is opioid. It is very rampant in so many countries, causing problems in so many ways. However, in Minnesota, although opioid is rampant, meth has been plaguing their rural areas. The number of deaths caused by the use of this drug is also on the rise.

Meth Plaguing Rural Minnesota more than OpioidsWhatever the kind of drug is, the truth remains the same the drug use if dangerous. It can destroy one’s life. With this problem, it’s very important that help should be available and it can be in different forms like addiction treatment centers. This allows drug addicts to know that they should not be afraid to quit because there are people and institutions that can help them change and start a new life.

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The problems of opioid addiction is real and large, but outside the Twin Cities metro, meth remains king.

Treatment admissions for meth in Greater Minnesota have skyrocketed compared to opioids, and deaths due to meth use are on the rise, too.

The findings are part of a study released by the Center for Rural Policy and Development. The report, “It’s an Addiction Crisis,” found that outstate counties are grappling with meth use. 

“We’ve been bombarded with the news of all the deaths from opioids. Our job is to find out what may be the same or different in Greater Minnesota than in the Twin Cities,” said Marnie Werner, interim executive director of the Mankato-based center.

“As soon as we started talking to a few county administrators, we found that opioids are a problem, but meth is a bigger problem.”

She said information on the opioid crisis tends to be statewide data. “The Twin Cities is so large it skews the statewide data.”

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