Teenage years can be very complicated and difficult. This is the stage where teens are very eager to try whatever it is that will trigger their curiosity. In most cases, this includes trying alcohol, cigarettes, and even drugs. This phase of life is also very difficult in the case of the parents as handling their children can be a big challenge. It’s like one mistake can make the situation worse. But, there are things that parents can do in order to prevent things from getting worse.

drug addict signsSince teenagers can be very sensitive, it’s important to take things slow but sure. For instance, if you think that your child is using drugs, confronting them immediately may not be a good idea especially if you are not yet very certain about it. What you can do is to look for signs to determine if he or she is a drug addict or not. Below are some signs you can watch out for.

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Addiction, simply put, refers to a form of dependency, craving, compulsion, habit, weakness and even enslavement.

We are addicted to many things, but one source of addiction that comes to mind, is the device that you are reading this blog from. When I am not with my android, it feels like I am missing something; and when I am with it, I find myself always “using” it. I don’t even understand how we were living two decades ago. Ah! I am addicted to my phone; I cant be more than 30 minutes without it!

I have had to fight hard, concerning my battle with Coca-Cola. I am in a good place now, or at least that is how I console myself, LOL! I am no longer addicted to Coca-Cola; but if I have to be honest, I think I am becoming addicted to Diet-Coke. Funny isn’t it? Now, there are “theories” that insist that there is a substance of addiction in the “black water”. I beg to differ, I think its caffeine; and YES I love coffee. There are a number of Coffee addicts in the world, Starbucks can testify.

What of addiction to video games? Remember we have described it as a form of “dependency, and even enslavement”. I can tell you that a number of Generation Z folks, are quite “tech savvy “ and easily addicted to video games.

Some people are addicted to food. Yes, food, and they spend decades battling with their weight.

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