Depression has always been viewed as a serious problem, especially in today’s time as more and more people are suffering from it. This problem has ended so many lives and perhaps, is still destroying many more. This is why it has been an urgent desire for people to find ways on how to beat depression. If not, this can lead to more serious problems such as suicide, mysticism, and drug addiction.

Depression may lead to drug addictionWe have heard so many news about people who turn to drugs when they are depressed. They think that doing so will solve the problem, not knowing that they are just making it worse. As a result of this, the number of people who are getting addicted to drugs keep on increasing. This is why we need more addiction treatment centers around so these people would know that help is just around the corner and there are people who are willing to help them.

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In 2015, Vice Ganda let the cat out of the bag and publicly admitted that, as a teenager, he was suicidal. It’s a confirmation of the many psycho-medical studies that say adolescents and those who belong to the LGBT identity are prone to despair following bullying, family problems, peer pressure, and social rejection.

What entertainer Joey de Leon insinuated in October 2017 is untrue, that “depression is just made up by people. They do it to themselves.” Nobody was laughing and, rather quickly, netizens retorted that such comments add insult to (psycho-emotional) injury.

Depression may be of two types, one is a depressed mood that everybody experiences, one way or another. The second is a persistent depressive disorder (PDD), which is considered a mental health problem of about 300 million people around the world.

The first is a normal, temporary reaction to life events such as loss of a loved one, social isolation, financial problems, unemployment, stress in living conditions, a medical diagnosis (cancer), separation, broken-heartedness, etc..

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