Getting addicted to drugs is very easy. You just have to let yourself keep using and enjoying it. But the sad part will be the effects- the damages it can bring to one’s life. Not only damages, but it can even lead to death. Good thing that there are those who decide to quit before things get worse. Although this can be a big challenge, with determination and the availability of help, it’s always possible to get out of it.

Man Who has Helped Hundreds Overcome Drug Addiction Suffers Own RelapseIt’s so inspiring to hear stories about people helping one another to get out of drug addiction. However, for this man, after years of helping his fellow drug addicts, he had a relapse and now, he’s the one who needs all the help he can get. Good thing that rehab services and facilities are available to help him get back on his feet again, and hopefully soon, to help more people again.

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Ron Ward, founder of Celebrating Restoration, a grassroots campaign to free those from the chains of addictions, relapsed in June, and last week checked into a Florida rehabilitation facility. Ward tested positive for marijuana and benzodiazepine after he thought he was taking methamphetamine to mask his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He also said he was struggling with a death in his family.

So Ward stepped away from Celebrating Restoration, a decision he posted on Facebook.

“I cannot help others when I cannot help myself,” he said hours before leaving his Middletown home for Florida. “I’m not in a place to help others.”

Ward had been clean since July 31, 2012. His new sobriety date is June 25, 2018. After the relapse, Ward spent time at a drug rehabilitation facility in Columbus. When he returned home, Ward realized “one week wasn’t enough” and he needed more intense treatment.

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