It’s just inspiring to learn about any news on people recovering from addiction. Those who have decided to make a major decision of turning back on drugs are really admirable. This is what the world needs right now- people who are willing to work hard to free themselves from drugs and addiction that has nothing good to give them. In today’s time, it’s so depressing that there are still so many people who use drugs and let themselves get addicted to it. Worse is, a lot today start using it at a very young age.

Local Woman Overcoming Drug AddictionThis is why strong regulations should be imposed on drugs. At the same time, addiction treatment centers will be a great help especially to those who have been trying to quit but could not do it on their own. With these facilities around, they can get the kind of treatment that is specifically tailored for their needs. May this woman in the article below serves as an inspiration to more people out there.

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SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (WRGB) – We first met Carlie Mace while interviewing staff at the New Choices Recovery Center in Schenectady. She was there for one of her regular meetings and offered to tell us her story of addiction, which started with marijuana as young as 13 and took a more serious turn about six years ago.

“My back was hurting a lot and I didn’t’ know what to do. I’d just had a baby and had to care for my child and do everything. I had a 5 year old at the time. You can’t just sit around and be in pain you have to keep going” Mace said.

She went to a hospital and got a prescription for the pain. Carlie told us she had no idea how good the medications would make her feel – and how much agony withdrawal would put her through. “I was on top of the world, nobody could stop me. I could take care of my 5 year old, I could take care of my infant child, I could work two jobs and I just felt like I was on top of the world, until it was too late.”

During a follow up appointment, a drug screen found cocaine in Carlie’s system, something she told us she used recreationally. That meant no more legal meds. Carlie told us about the first time she went to buy pills off the street, and found something stronger and cheaper…

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