We can hardly see a place or a country that is drug-free, especially in this modern time. It is just saddening to know that more and more people are letting themselves to get addicted to drugs. Drugs is not a problem for the individual only. It is also a problem of your family and the country as a whole. Having a lot of drug addicted people means a big problem in the country- it can affect the nation in so many negative ways.

Of all countries in the world, there are some that can be considered to have the higher numbers of addicted people or that drug addiction is more of a serious problem for them. And now, Iraq and Kurdistan Region seems to be having a rise in drug addiction. This is an alarming situation because this can lead to more crimes or more lives getting lost and destroyed. Hopefully, those who really need help will receive one and addiction treatment centers will be available in the country.

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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — On the International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking, officials and NGOs claim the number of drug addicts in both the Kurdistan Region and Iraq are increasing, citing different factors.

“Unfortunately, the users of drugs in the Kurdistan Region increase on a daily basis. Currently about 10,000 individuals in all the three provinces of the Kurdistan Region are drug users,” said Ibrahim Ramadhan, the head of the Organization for Countering Drugs.He believes the number isn’t at an alarming level according to international standards.

“We have to tackle it and prevent it so that it doesn’t spread even more,” said Ramadhan.

Ramadhan claimed the social fabric in the Kurdistan Region will be unraveled with the spread of the drugs.

He revealed that obtaining drugs has become easier through “mafias and greedy traders”

Ramadhan claimed that Kurdish youth travel to Iran and Turkey, where they encounter drugs for the first time and use them, as a reason why they get addicted.

There are three counter-drug organizations in the Kurdistan Region.

“We haven’t been able to sufficiently work up to now because the financial conditions of the organizations are very bad,” the counter-drug head said.

Ramadhan said that it was the duty of the government to tackle the issue, especially the Ministry of Health, as there are lax regulations on dealing in pharmaceuticals…

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