We know for a fact that there indeed is a problem with drug addiction. But when we look at the number of people who are addicted to it, it can be very alarming. Not only in a single country but so many, if not the majority, actually has drug addiction problem and their government has been taking this problem so seriously. Now in Russia, as many as 500, 000 of their citizens is actually listed to be addicted to drugs.

About 2 Million Russians Suffer from Drug AddictionThis is a drug addiction blog that offers ways and treatments to help those who want to change by quitting drugs. This is with the hope of decreasing the number of users, and eventually, to get rid of the problem. Being drug-free is still and will always be the best way to go for one to live his life the best way possible.

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MOSCOW, June 4. /TASS/. The Russian Interior Ministry has reported about 2 million Russian citizens as suffering from drug addiction, Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said in an interview with the NTV channel.

“As many as 500,000 citizens are officially registered with the Russian Health Ministry over drug addiction. These are official figures, but sociological surveys show that about 2 million our citizens are involved in this issue,” the minister said, responding to the question on the number of drug addicts in Russia.

That said, Kolokoltsev noted that the war on drugs in Russia is successful and systematic. He reiterated that the activity of a large international drug network consisting of 10 branches was shut down in 2017. “They’ve been working on the territory of the Russian Federation for 10 years; there was even a power bloc for addressing arising issues. The chieftain of the drug network got life imprisonment for his actions for the first time in history, 14 members were jailed to 6 to 25 years, and 12 more members are internationally wanted. This work is systematic, and we indeed are stepping up our efforts,” Kolokoltsev noted.

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