As they say, for whatever it is that you do, there’s always a price that you have to pay. It’s just like saying that if you do good, then you will be getting something good in return as well. But if you do something bad, you are likely to suffer as a result. This is very true when talking about drug addiction. Abuse of drugs leads to something harmful and dangerous, reaching the point of losing one’s life.

Heavy Price for Drug AddictionThis is what happened to youth in Manjunathapura in Mysuru. The youth was addicted to marijuana because the substance is easily available in Mysuru. He was depressed and had difficulty battling his addictions, thus leading him to commit suicide.

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Mysuru, May 280- A youth died of drug addiction at Manjunathapura in the city here on Saturday. Chandu (26) is the victim. He was allegedly addicted to marijuana. He was depressed as he was unable to come out of the addiction and committed suicide by hanging.

People allege that marijuana is easily available in Mysuru. They urge the police to take strict action to control the drug menace in the city. VV Puram police have registered a complaint. (MR/KS).

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