Drug abuse has been around for so many years now. Not only one country but almost, if not all, countries have problems with drug abuse and addiction. This is taken as a serious as it can greatly affect the person, the family, and the community. In fact, when we watch TV, read news online, or even listen to radios, there’s always news about drug addiction. A lot of drug-related crimes are also reported in different parts of the world.

Given this situation, various approaches and initiatives have been made to put an end to the problem. One of them is a drug abuse program. In Boise, Idaho for instance, they have come up with a program that aims to help people who are suffering from opioid use disorder through their medication assisted program.

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Drug abuse programs in Boise, Idaho are helping people with opioid use disorders with medication assisted treatment (MAT).

Idaho currently has four places that that offer MAT programs, two locations in Boise and two in Nampa. Because of that, many of the patients come from far-away places including other states such as Oregon to obtain treatment.

One of the drug abuse programs is Raise the Bottom Addiction Treatment Center, a facility that employs MAT. Approximately 300 patients enter the facility a day looking for help overcoming their addiction.

Raise the Bottom has a few core values when it comes to fulfilling their mission and vision. Those values are grace, respect, diversity, accountability, teamwork, quality, passion, integrity, adaptability and human relationships.

Jason Austin, the executive director at Raise the Bottom, stated that some people treat addiction like it’s a low class issue but he believes it is not. He said that methadone blocks the receptors in the brain that cause opioid cravings.

He stated that the cravings tend to disappear within the first week of treatment and that their patients also begin to feel hope that they can overcome their substance use disorder.

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