If there’s one thing good about drug addiction, it would be the success stories of those who were able to survive such challenging phase in their lives. Being addicted to drugs is no joke. One’s life can be turned upside down and those around him or her are greatly affected. However, it is a good thing that today, there are so many addiction treatment centers available and are willing to help those who wants to be saved.

Drug Addiction Recovery StoryIn Placenta, NL a pastor shared his own story and journey out of addiction. He is now living the Christian life and he hopes to help other people to do the same. His story aims to inspire others, especially those who are having a difficult time getting out of drugs.

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PLACENTIA, NL — A Placentia pastor is sharing the story of his journey out of addiction and into faith with residents of Victoria.

Jason Burge is a Pentecostal pastor, currently living in Placentia with his family. Today, he lets his faith as a Christian lead him through life, and as a pastor, he helps other like-minded people do the same. However, this was not always the path Burge — his addiction to drugs and spiralling mental health problems were at the forefront of his life prior to December 2007.

Burge’s story starts early, when he began experimenting with recreational drugs such as marijuana and hash oil from as early as ninth grade. From there, he explained it as a snowball effect, as he began to experiment in harder drugs, and before long, the experimentation transitioned from just on weekends, to every other day, to a daily habit. He said that although it started with marijuana, he found himself doing whatever it took to get the high he felt he craved – cocaine, ecstasy, and whatever else he could get his hands on. This, mixed with heavy drinking and mental health issues, meant his day-to-day life got more and more difficult to deal with as each day passed.


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