The case of drug addiction can be tiring in so many aspects. For loved ones, seeing their family destroy their lives because of drugs can be very frustrating. It is also a known fact that the effects of drugs can be very damaging to the point of causing death. The problem of drug addiction is not only happening in one country but it has become a worldwide problem.

More and more lives have been affected because of drugs and the efforts of the government are becoming to intense with the goal of ending the problem as soon as possible. But sometimes, misunderstandings among government officials or not so strong legislation are also causing delay to ending the problem. Just like what happened in Bristol when their drug addiction contract did not receive any bids.

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Bristol City Council has pledged an extra £284,000 a year towards addiction services after it failed to attract any bids for a contract to run services.

Councillors heard on Tuesday that no firms had applied for the £1.2m-a-year deal to help the most complex cases.

Deputy mayor Asher Craig said companies felt £1.2m “was not sufficient”.

Bristol has the highest proportion of people with complex substance abuse issues of any major city, according to Public Health England figures.

‘Too disruptive’

The contract was to deal with the city’s most complex addiction cases, meaning people with multiple issues such as mental health problems or homelessness.

Bristol City Council spends £8m a year helping addicts through services such as ROADS (Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drugs Service) which aims to reduce deaths and support people through treatment.

Tuesday’s cabinet meeting heard that, instead of putting the contract out to tender again, the work would be shared among organisations already working in the field, which would receive the extra funding.

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