What can be more painful than losing a loved one? Worse is, when you lost them to drug addiction. Drugs is a problem that could have been prevented. But it is also something that when gets involved with it, getting out may not be easy at all. This is why in the recent years, there has been a higher demand for drug addiction treatment center because more people are needing them.

The fate of some Indian people has been very unfortunate because of drugs. There are 16 families who have lost a loved one to drug addiction. This reality is just so difficult to bear and hopefully, there will be no more lives that will be lost by ending this problem asap.

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Teeka (injection) and chitta (heroin) — these two words continue to haunt families in Punjab who have lost their members to drug addiction. The Congress government had promised to wipe out drugs in four weeks, and has claimed to have broken the back of the drug trade. Indian Express spoke to 16 families that lost loved ones to addiction over the last year. From what these families said, drugs remain available in Punjab’s towns and villages, and without an adequate health intervention yet, addicts still have no hope.

GURLAL SINGH: 24, a final year B.Sc agriculture student at a private institute in Mandi Gobindgarh

Resident of village Ghaloti, Dharamkot, Moga district

Died : July 22, 2017

How: He was found by his mother Kuldeep Kaur lying unconscious with froth coming out of his mouth at their farm. He died by the time he was rushed to a local doctor and then a hospital. “We knew he was doing drugs. First we did not believe but then there were signs. Suddenly he started demanding more money. We got a de-addiction course also done but the effect did not last long. We have no idea where he got it from. We never allowed any of his friends to step inside our home. Whatever he got was outside home or in hostel. He mostly took chitta (heroin). Whenever we confronted him, he never accepted it,” says father Major Singh. Mother Kuldeep Kaur breaks down. “Saddey vargeya naal ki vaada, saada sab kuch jaa chukka hai (Promises mean nothing for us now. We have already lost our everything,”she says.

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