Providing Free Drug Addiction TreatmentDrug addiction can happen to both men and women. Although it seems unlikely for women, there are actually a lot of them who choose to use drugs. As a result, their lives change in the most drastic way possible. It also affects those people around them like their friends and family.

The worse thing that can happen is when a woman is pregnant but she is under the influence of drugs. This can put her life in danger, as well as that of the unborn child in her womb. But it’s a good thing that in Indiana, the Volunteers of America of Indiana offers a free program for pregnant women who are struggling with drug addiction.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Volunteers of America of Indiana is offering a free program for pregnant women struggling with drug addiction.

The Fresh Start Recovery Center focuses on helping mothers recover from various drug addictions and have healthy children.

The program is provided at no cost to the mother and insurance coverage is not required.

The program admits pregnant women battling addiction, as well as women with a substance abuse problem who are involved with the Department of Child Services.

“What’s been happening is we have newborns born with opiates in their system and at that point, DCH has to get involved,” said Shannon Schumacher, Executive Vice President of Strategic and Clinical Services at Volunteers of America. “Oftentimes, that baby doesn’t go home with mom from the hospital.”

The Fresh Start Recovery Center allows mothers to remain with their children while they receive residential treatment for drug abuse. Pregnant women admitted into the program are allowed to have up to two of their children with them during their stay and will go through two phases of treatment.

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