For those who have been victims and their family, no nightmare can be scarier than drug addiction. Yes, it does not only affect those who are using it but even their family and friends. Waking up from this nightmare is no easy. But with enough will and help from drug addiction centers there will always be a reason to wake up and live a new day.

Looking at the positive side of everything, it’s a good thing that more ways of helping drug victims are available. The best drug addiction centers in different areas are now capable of providing the best services suited to the patient’s needs and helping them get back on their feet. It is also a way of giving hope to the families that their loved ones will get through such nightmare.

Read the article below to know how drug addiction can affect people’s life and why it is considered to be one’s worst nightmare.

“It is every parent‘s nightmare and rightly so because it destroys marriages, families and other relationships. 

It also destroys the victim’s emotional, social, mental and physical health and can sometimes lead to that individual’s death.  This dreadful phenomenon is called drug addiction.

This problem remains a myth to many until it strikes closer to home. It cuts across the social divide and respects no colour, creed, gender or class. Actors, actresses, musicians, sportspersons, teachers and a whole lot of people from our society have fallen prey to this monster and met their demise. It involves the abuse of drugs by the affluent as well as the poor. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brenda Fassie, Lundi, Prince of Purple Rain, the list of celebrities who died of drug related causes is quite long.

In trying to discuss this issue it would be prudent to explain some terms relevant to the subject. Mthandazo Ndlovu, a Drug Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation Specialist loosely defines addiction as “the abnormal physical, mental dependency on a substance”.

Drugs basically fall under these classes; First there are depressants. These are supposed to slow you down, for example, heroine. The next group consists of stimulants which “speed” one up such as LSD. Another group is that of hallucinogens. These cause an individual to hallucinate or see strange things, for example, crystal meth. The writer’s focus is mostly on the youth who are considered the future leaders but are affected by addiction to drugs.”

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