Addiction is a long-term disease. It happens unnoticeably for a long period of time and when the effects are noticeable, it’s often too late to justs top. Even the way to recovery is not short, as the “ultra rapid detox” approach only solves the physical part but not the mental part. The road to recovery is about as long as the addiction.

Living With an AddictThe process is daunting. It could take months, even years. How do you approach such a long span of time without breaking apart? The answer lies in the notion “Living One Day at a Time.”

How Do You  “Live One Day at a Time”?

In order to succeed in anything, you have to take it seriously. To give you an idea of what this saying encompasses, this is what’s said in the “Just for today” card often read in various 12-step meetings.

  • Live through this one day, tackling only this day’s challenges.
  • For today, be happy. Even if you have to make it up in your mind.
  • For today, adjust to only what’s in front of you and not everything around you.
  • For today, you will strengthen your mind and learn a thing or two.
  • For today, you will do something good for someone, without anyone knowing
  • Take half an hour for quiet reflection.
  • For today, enjoy life and appreciate it’s beauty

It may sound downright cheesy for some, but placed into practice and proper perspective, completing this card will make you a better person, addict or not.

What if You’re Living With an Addict? How Do You Follow This Creed?

Take this list to heart. Even a non-addict can benefit from following this list of daily tasks. There are a few pointers on how you can get the motivation to live with an addict, “One day at a time.”

  • Keep yourself healthy.

Sound body, sound mind. This is true. The first way to keep yourself motivated is to stay healthy. Eat well, get some exercise and let your body flood you with natural “feel-good” chemicals. This is the right way to get high. The struggle is already difficult so keep yourself in top shape

  • Understand that caring for yourself does not mean you don’t care for your loved one.

Some people think that to help an addict you have to give it your all. This is not true. The reality is that you can only care for them as much as you care for yourself. Rebuild your own life and be a role model for your loved one.

  • Stand by your boundaries.

Don’t give in to manipulation. Yes means yes, no means no and be very stubborn about it. An addict will do everything they can to get their dose and if you enable them once, they will repeat it again and again.

  • Accept that your life will change

Don’t yearn for a normal life. Don’t think of what “ought” to be. Don’t think of the future. Instead, focus on what you can do for yourself today. Tackle the small problems today, because they solve the big problems bit by bit.

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